PAPD investigating body found on Pleasure Island

Port Arthur Police are investigating the discovery of a woman's decomposed body on Pleasure Island.

The man said he saw a black t-shirt on the ground and pulled up next to it. The witness said he was shocked to discover a body.

"When I saw it my heart just dropped," says Kerry McCormick. "I didn't know what to do I froze."

The witness said it appeared to be the body of a woman.

The witness took police to the area near South Levee Road and saw the body.

Port Arthur Police Lt. Martin Blitch tells KFDM News the body is that of a woman but its badly decomposed.

"We're going to check all missing persons in the area and with it being so close to Louisiana, we'll check there as well as surrounding areaas," says Blitch.

Justice of the Peace Tom Gillam III tells KFDM News he's ordered an autopsy.

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