Bridge City residents speaking up about ongoing water issues

Some residents are outraged in Bridge City.

Joseph Hannan is demanding answers from the Bridge City Council, after experiencing years of poor water quality.

"There's been a lot of misinformation, miscommunication," Hannan said.

Resulting in dozens of additional problems for his family.

"Third washing machine in four years, washing machine pumps have rusted out every single time, three different brands of machines. We're on our second water heater in about four five years second dishwasher," he said.

Hannan isn't the only resident that is having this issue.

Other residents are experiencing similar issues and some say the water in Bridge City is causing cancer.

"There will be an agenda item to discuss the water issues," said Mayor David Rutledge.

City leaders listened to the concerns, Rutledge says experts will be at a city council meeting on September 20th to explain the water situation to residents.

"Someone gets brown water in your pipes I would like them to call up here to city hall and tell them so our guys can handle that," he said.

Rutledge says he wants people to know there are two separate issues residents are facing:

"One of them is the iron and manganese issue that causes brown water. And the other is the total trihalomethane content in our water," Rutledge said.

Some of these folks have been complaining about Bridge City water problems for years, but feel their concerns haven't been taken seriously.

Now they have the backing of nationally known consumer environmental activist Erin Brockovich, who has also expressed skepticism about the water quality.

For residents the ultimate goal is clean water, but in the meantime they're asking for this:

"Number one more communication and better communication."

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