Bridge City street project put on pause for warmer weather

Bridge City street project put on pause for warmer weather

A Bridge City street improvement project is still underway, according TxDOT, but warmer weather is required for the project to move forward.

Many have inquired on social media about the status of the Texas Ave. "Mill and Overlay" project.

Part of the street remains stripped, while the center section has been covered with new asphalt.

"We are aware of some rumors that the contractor has left, or work has just stopped, that's not the case," says Sarah Dupre with TxDOT. "The contractor is still on board with us."

If you have any reports or concerns about the street, you're asked to contact TxDOT at 1-800-558-9368.

Dupre says the street project is contingent upon the weather.

"This project in Bridge City, for us to lay the asphalt to finish this project out, the temperature has to be at least 60 degrees for a week's time period without rain," says Dupre. "So until we have that good weather, we're not going to be able to overlay the job."

In the meantime, the Modica Brothers just off Texas Avenue says it's getting plenty of business due to the condition of the road.

"We've had several people that hit potholes, destroyed either one or both tires," says Brittany Bohler, the manager of the shop. "Rims that need to be repaired."

Brandie Richard, a Modica Brothers employee who frequently drives on Texas Ave. says her Camaro also received damage.

"I've had to re-balance my tires," she says. "I've had to do an alignment. I also had to buy new tires."

TxDOT hopes to continue the project in early February.

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