Broken dam empties Lake Amanda

Broken dam empties Lake Amanda

The scene of Lake Amanda resembles a desolate wasteland instead of an actual lake.

"We knew it was bad but we didn't know what to expect really, other than there was no water left in the lake," said Tim Smith.

Smith and his wife, Holly, own a home on Lake Amanda.

They traveled from Houston to check on their property.

"Devastating. It's horrible. It's just a disaster area now," said Smith.

On Friday, heavy rain caused the dam at the lake to break.

The Smiths received an email from the community association asking for help to clear the dam before it breached.

They said this is the second time in less than two months water has invaded their property.

Their home in Houston flooded on Friday due to rain.

"We're pretty tired of flooding and excess rain. It's sad when we have two real estate investments that are worth much less than they were because of water," said the Smiths.

Residents in the Lake Amanda area were not the only ones affected.

People living downstream from Dam "B" were also hit hard.

Officials issued a mandatory evacuation for those living in the Barrow Lakes Estates area.

While many across the area may spend their Memorial Day weekend relaxing and looking forward to time off, these residents said they'll be reminiscing about Lake Amanda before the breach and how they can get the dam back up.

"Hopefully, it will be a beautiful place in the future. Hopefully, we'll get our lake back," said the Smiths.

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