Chief Patrick Melvin sends KFDM his response to no confidence vote

From Chief Patrick Melvin - "Professionalism and Accountability has been at the forefront of all the decisions and managerial direction since becoming the police chief of the Port Arthur Police Department. We are here to serve the citizens of our community. The safety and concern of our community members is my number one goal.

I am a change agent police chief and I was hired to bring about positive, productive accountability and professional change to the Port Arthur police department. I realize change can be uncomfortable and there has been progressive change for the good of the community and for the good of the department since being appointed to lead the PAPD in September of 2016.

I will cite some of the many positive, productive and progressive changes in the near future that have addressed needed accountability and policy improvements. I am confident, and I would argue I have some of the best officers on my department in SE Texas. This was evident during the recent catastrophe of Hurricane Harvey as our City experienced no looting, major thefts or major crimes.

As I deputized over 100 officers and deputies from the state of Louisiana combined with assistance from the Texas Rangers and Department of Public Safety that worked hand in hand with the fine men and women of the Port Arthur Police department to make it safe and secure in our community. It is my goal and is my management style to challenge my officers to become ambassadors and community conscious officer’s sensitive to the needs and desires of our citizens.

I have been charged with mentoring my senior command staff within my department to be ambassadors of my “community first” philosophy. I even solicited members from the community to assist as promotional board panel members to assist in the selection of my command staff. I went with their recommendations of who they wanted as leaders in their community. I understand this was a paradigm shift to include the community in this important selection process. I support my command staff as we move forward with the new direction and positive change of the Port Arthur Police department.

We are in the National Accreditation Process with CALEA, The Commission on Accreditation of Law Enforcement Agencies. This process has already improved our department as we have almost completed and revamped our entire police directives and policies, some of which have not been updated in over 20 years. We are also in the State Accreditation Acknowledgement program with the Texas Police Chiefs association which also encourages “best practices” for a professional police agency.

The safety and security of the members in my community is my #1 goal and I acknowledge that I need the assistance of my department to make that goal a reality. Although it will take time, I am confident this goal can be realized. We are here to protect the citizens of Port Arthur and as the Police Chief, all of my activities, actions and energy will be expended to make that happen.

I look forward to addressing the concerns of the PAPA now that I know what their concerns are."

Chief Patrick R. Melvin, Chief of Police

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