Chief's exclusive interview with Angel San Juan sets the record straight about crime


    Beaumont Police Chief Jim Singletary says his officers are not only crime fighters, they're also battling a perception problem.

    The chief says Beaumont's image as a crime-ridden city is hurting the community.

    That's why he sat down for an exclusive interview with Angel San Juan to set the record straight.

    "We're also fighting a perception problem where all these folks on social media are saying how violent Beaumont is, and sure we have violent crime in Beaumont, but it's not as bad as people are saying," said Chief Singletary.

    Chief Singletary shared these stats with us. The FBI recently released them.

    They show violent crime for the first half of this year as compared to the same period last year.

    This year there have been 750 incidents of violent crime. Last year there were 769. That's a two percent drop.

    There have been 10 homicides so far this year compared to nine between January and July of last year.

    The chief says these are not random crimes.

    "It's not like we have individuals or an individual shooting people for the heck of it," said Chief Singletary. "Every homicide that has occurred this year and the last two years, most of the homicides have been targeted."

    With that said, we asked the chief if all of the victims of those crimes are truly victims.

    "To be totally honest with you, no. I know these families are hurt and I know these families are upset cause their relatives are getting involved in criminal activities and get shot and killed because of their involvement in criminal activity, and that's just the way it is."

    Chief Singletary says what's getting worse is the lack of cooperation from citizens.

    "The ones who actually know who's doing some of these homicides, doing some of these shootings, and they won't step up."

    Chief Singletary says it appear they're scared of reporting information that could help solve violent crimes.

    That's why he says the Crime Stoppers program exists, so citizens can remain anonymous.

    "It's getting way past time for the good folks to step up and help us. We cannot do it ourselves and we've been saying that for years. It's real frustrating."

    Chief Singletary praised Beaumont citizen Geary Seniguar for his efforts with the Stop the Violence campaign in the city, to spread a message of peace through yard signs and rallies.

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