Church to buy land where cross stands in Port Neches

Thousands of little white crosses are made at Abbey Flooring in Port Neches and they are everywhere.

"It's over 30 states two countries I mean it's really expanding," says Ellis.

Jerald Ellis makes crosses the cross holds great significance to him.

"You know the Lord Jesus Christ died for our sins on the cross and we look at that and that's why we're saved today it's through the Lord Jesus Christ and through that cross it's symbolic and we want to keep that in America," says Ellis.

Ellis and others are glad to hear this 10-foot-tall cross will remain at Riverfront Park. Now that the city council voted to sell a 400 sq. foot parcel of land where it stands to a local church.

"It's a wonderful thing that the United Methodist Church has bought the rights to it and at least our cross is safe in our park where we all grew up as kids. And hopefully, our kids will be able to see it and their kids after that," says Ellis.

Charles Wade Sr and others started making little white crosses last year when a group called the Freedom from Religion Foundation demanded the city take down the cross and threatened to sue saying it violated the separation of church and state.

Now that the church owns the parcel of land the group says it's a step in the right direction but question the 100 dollars paid for the parcel calling it a "sweetheart deal."

Supporters like Ellis disagree.

"It's a wonderful thing that it's staying here, staying in our hearts it's just wonderful," says Ellis.

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