Local city dealing with pothole problem hoping to have solution sooner rather than later


The streets of Bevil Oaks have plenty of potholes, some so bad, they cause cars to move to the other side of the street.

"My wife was driving her car and she accidentally hit one of the big holes and she said she heard it scrape the bottom as it went through," says Jerome Barber.

Barber lives on Sweetgum Road, and sees many of the potholes from outside his house.

"You sure can't drive 30 mph, more like 2 or 3 mph," says Barber.

Mayor Pro Tem Danny Truge says the city has put the repairs on hold since November, to get funding from FEMA.

"FEMA told us to not make any repairs to any of our infrastructure until after we had a site visit," says Truge.

The site visit is scheduled for March 27th, but Truge and the rest of city council want to speed up the process, in order to fix the problems.

"We are submitting that additional info to FEMA today as a matter of fact in the form of an engineering report," says Truge.

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