City of Beaumont seeks to buy former AT&T; one councilman says it's not a good idea

    City of Beaumont seeks to buy former AT&T; a councilman says it's not a good idea<p>{/p}<p>{/p}<p>{/p}<p>{/p}

    New developments on the fate of the former ATT&T building in downtown Beaumont.

    The city had made an offer to buy the condemned structure for $1 million and demolish it in order to make the lot available for development.

    But now the owners are putting the property up for auction, and city manager Kyle Hayes is seeking permission from council members to take part in an online auction. for the property.

    City Councilman Mike Getz opposes the move, saying if the city of Beaumont wins the auction, the financial burden on taxpayers could be more than the initial $1 million offer.

    Councilman Getz says there's a local company that wants to buy the building and make the building its corporate headquarters and employ 100 people.

    Getz says if the city moves ahead with its plan, it could put up a roadblock and potentially kill the deal and prevent the local company from moving forward thereby killing the potential for 100 jobs.

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