City of Port Arthur gives German Pellets extension to clear out wood chips

Port Arthur residents growing more frustrated with German Pellets silos

It's been more than six months since the German Pellets silos began smoking and smoldering.

The smoke poured into the nearby west Port Arthur community.

Residents who have been struggling with their health, claim the smoke has made things much worse.

In July, the City of Port Arthur filed an injunction, telling the company they had to clean out all of the pellets by October 12.

Delays from Harvey held that up, so Port Arthur filed for an extension today, giving the company until October 31st to clear out.

German Pellets Texas set up a phone line dedicated to respond to inquiries, but when we called the number (409-200-3313) Sunday afternoon, the hotline was closed and a recording indicated up-to-date information could be found on

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