City reflects on the legacy of MLK at annual brunch

The city of Port Arthur has endured a lot of hardships in the past year. At the 37th annual MLK brunch in Port Arthur, this was a day to honor Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.

A time to reflect on his message, and how the community stood for one another during tough times.

"I think the community has suffered great repercussions after Hurricane Harvey and the community needs to celebrate, and this is a day we can come together, hold hands and just celebrate the fact that we made it over," honorary guest speaker James Payne said. Payne is an attorney and a Port Arthur native. He was honored to receive the opportunity to be guest speaker at the brunch for his second time.

City officials and community leaders gathered at the Carl Parker Center in Port Arthur. Rewards and recognition were given throughout the community.

"What's important about these events, and this event in particular, is it recognizes people who work 365 days of the year to make sure those dreams are spread throughout the community," Jefferson County Sheriff Zena Stephens said.

This year the event was sold out and hosted by our own Angel San Juan.

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