Custody battle underway for 3-year-old girl who survived Harvey clinging to mom's back

Collette Sulcer and her daughter Jordyn Falade

Collette Sulcer of Beaumont, and her three year old daughter Jordyn, were found in the water on August 29.

Jordyn is with her mother's cousin, but now her father wants custody. He's been out of the picture since her birth.

Allison testified the last time she saw Dar Falade was when Jordyn was born three years ago.

She says he didn't show up to the funeral.

Allison took care of the baby while her cousin worked as a nurse. Allison says the father was never around to help, he's only gotten in touch with her recently, trying to get custody of the three year old.

Falade presented a marriage license after Sulcer's death, taking the family by surprise.

Falade did not testify today Thursday, but we spoke to him before the hearing began.

He tells us he loved his wife very much, and love his daughter.

Falade says he's trying to do the best for Jordyn and raise her well.

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