Custody hearing on hold for child who lost mother in Harvey

Custody hearing on hold for child who lost mother in Harvey

A custody hearing will resume in a few weeks in the case of a child whose mother lost her life in Harvey's flood water.

Family members of Collette Sulcer, 41, and the child's father, Adedar Falade, both want full custody of the child.

Friday, the hearing was put on hold until after October 15 so both sides could gather more information, and so Jordyn Falade, 3, could spend time with her father.

"I love my kids and will do anything to make sure they have a good life," he said in Thursday's hearing.

He spent Friday at Colorado Canyon with his 3-year-old daughter.

Those close to Sulcer say Falade didn't have a close enough relationship with the child prior to Sulcer's death. Many of them claim they never even met him before she died.

That's why Sulcer's family members say they should have custody instead of Falade.

"As the parent, you have some great rights," says Jolei Shipley, the attorney for Sulcer's family. "But if you're the parent that hasn't exercised being a parent, that hasn't provided for a child as a parent, that hasn't spent the time with a child as a parent, then why are we giving you full status as a parent? And it leaves it in the discretion of the court, the judge."

Falade's attorney says there's not much discretion at all, and that as Jordyn's biological father, and Sulcer's husband, Falade should be entitled to custody unless a court ruled him unfit.

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