Day 25 of government shutdown; home buyers discouraged to purchase home


    The government shutdown may discourage some SE Texans who are in the process of buying a home.

    "Just because the government is shutdown doesn't mean the lending is done and it's gone, no not at all," Allison Eldridge said, Thrive Mortgage.

    Eldridge oversee's dozens of mortgage inquiries a day. She says the shutdown has not affected the way she does business.

    "The government entities that we work with FHA, VA, those are self-funded, so they pay for themselves through the mortgage insurance," Eldridge said.

    Meaning the shutdown does not affect homeowners or Real Estate Agents closing on a deal at this time.

    One SE Texas Realtor of Dee Richard Real Estate, says her worry is the drop in confidence of buyers in the long run.

    She's worried that though the shutdown seems like a short term problem, it may linger into future.

    "You know I don't see why we can't do right for the greater good you know for the country," John Brown said.

    Brown is currently in the market for a home, he's worried the shutdown could affect the housing market.

    "Coming from my standpoint that'll be very serious and just partisan play you know is affecting people's livelihood," Brown said.

    However, Eldridge wants to insure that's not the case for the housing market now or in the future.

    "Don't ever let something like this be the dictator of this decision," Eldridge said. "If you'd be looking to purchase there's never a good time there's never a bad time rates go up rates go down it's what's right for you."

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