Dog owner reacts to neighbor who killed his pet

Donald Gaschassin reacted to a gunshot May 13 of last year. The gunshot was coming from his neighbor's yard, Jimmy Gosch, 55.

Gaschassin's three-year-old dog Genessy was shot in the side of the neck and died.

According to investigators, Gosch said the dog became aggressive.

He went into his home, grabbed his .22 caliber rifle and shot the dog from his open window.

The shot was about 20 yards away. Gaschassin says he was devastated.

"Pretty much every emotion you could feel. It's like losing a kid," Gaschassin says.

In the three years he and his wife had Genessy, Gaschassin said he had never heard the dog bark or growl.

Judge John Stevens sentenced the 55-year-old defendant to one-year in state jail for animal cruelty.

"This is something that we really do take seriously, especially under these circumstances," said prosecutor Michael Morgan.

"Anyone in similar circumstances should know better than to do this, and if they do that, we will be seeking jail time."

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