Dream Center to once again seek lease of former Al Price Juvenile Facility

Former Al Price Juvenile Facility

A faith-based recovery center will once again ask Jefferson County Commissioners to allow it to lease the former Al Price Juvenile Center.

Representatives of the Beaumont Dream Center and the Harbor House Foundation will appear before Commissioners Court Monday to make a presentation to lease the buildings. Dream Center reps made a similar pitch during the summer.

The state closed the Al Price Juvenile Center in 2011. The county has been working to find an alternative use for the buildings.

Suggested uses have included housing sex offenders and opening a charter school.

The purpose of the Beaumont Dream Center, according to its website, is to provide community outreach to individuals by coordinating services and/or referrals that fulfill life's basic necessities. Thus, motivating those individuals to achieve a more fulfilled standard of living.

This will be accomplished by providing help directly to individuals through, but not limited exclusively, to the following activities;

The alleviation of addictions or other life-controlling problems by providing referrals to various treatment protocols (spiritual or otherwise).

Support to overcome poverty by providing food, clothing, or referrals to counseling (spiritual or otherwise) and/or shelters.

Relief from pain and suffering by providing referrals to counseling (spiritual or otherwise) and/or referrals to medical treatment facilities.

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