Early voters forced to use emergency paper ballots

The Chambers County Clerk, Heather Hawthorne, says polling machines were having technical issues on Monday, the first day of early voting.

Voters weren't able to straight ticket vote for their party on Monday, so people had to vote line by line down the ballot.

To avoid the issue, Hawthorne says voters in Chambers County used emergency paper ballots to vote on Tuesday.

Some residents liked using a paper ballot, like Winnie resident Amber Sonnier. She says she is more concerned with her vote counting than using a paper ballot.

"I think everyone's vote should count. If they're going to take time out to go do it, as an American its what they choose to do. It should count," Sonnier said.

Other voters like Cody Bourque say they hope the issue is resolved where he lives in Winnie and in all of Chambers County. He said he has heard of other cities in Texas having similar issues.

Hawthorne says some cities in Chambers County successfully switched back to the voting machines before the end of the day Tuesday.

She says all cities in Chambers County should be using machines as usual starting on Wednesday.

For places to early vote in Chambers County click here.

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