Families brace for flooding in Deweyville

Families in Deweyville are bracing themselves for what could be a historic flood. Friday the Sabine River flooded the banks and inched near homes. It served as an urgent reminder for residents to get out now before the water comes in.

"Water's never been in any of these, this has never happened before," Becky Clark said.

She moved most of her belongings out of her elevated home like countless other families in Deweyville.

"We're taking virtually everything from our house. We're moving it to higher ground in hopes that you know when all this is over we'll have a house to come back to," John Bickham said.

Newton County Judge Truman Dougharty said he was going to issue an order for a mandatory evacuation beginning 7 a.m. Saturday for those living south of Bon Wier to Deweyville. The river could exceed 34 feet as water from Toledo Bend flows south.

"We're trying to get everyone to understand this is not a normal flood, we're expecting the very worst of what they're telling us," Sheriff Edward Shannon said.

Shannon said the Texas Task Force and a number of other state agencies are on hand warning people of the danger and aiding in water rescues.

"This is a serious, serious flooding coming here, catastrophic." Newton County Precinct 4 Commissioner Leanord Powell said. "We need to obey the rules. Get out, don't drown."

It's why so many came together outside the sub-courthouse, filling up sand bags and lending a hand to save what they can.

"It just becomes very overwhelming when you think about your family, the kids at our school that are just gonna lose everything," Lisa Brinson said.

But the one thing the water can't wash away from the Deweyville community is a sense of hope.

"We're gonna be okay," Clark said.

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