Father of bombing suspect shares details about his son

Father of bombing suspect shares details about his son

After Beaumont resident Jonathan Torres was arrested amd charged with planting bombs, KFDM's Chris Mullooly was able to speak with the suspect's parents.

Torres' father, who also lives in Beaumont, appeared shocked to hear what his son is being accused of.

He declined to be interviewed on camera, but provided details about his son's life.

He said he has little to no relationship with his son and that it has been that way for a while.

He said he feels like an outcast in his son's life.

He said his son served in the Marines for 10 years, including fighting in the Afghanistan war.

Torres' father maintains his son isn't mentally ill, but said when his son returned home from service he (his son) wasn't the same.

KFDM also reached out to Torres' mother, who lives in Lumberton.

She works for an attorney in Lumberton and told us she has no comment on the arrest of her son.

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