Find out how to prevent being a target of auto theft in Beaumont

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Teams of criminals could be watching you and you'd never know until your car windows were smashed and your belongings stolen,

Beaumont PD Sgt. Ken Karr with the city's auto theft task force says people are being watched without realizing it and reminds everyone to be aware of their surroundings.

In the past six months, auto burglaries have risen in Beaumont and so have vehicle break-ins.

"Basically they come with two, maybe three vehicles and four or five guys," Karr says. "They will sit up on a bank with binoculars and watch people from a distance."

Unwanted eyes can also see what you're doing at a mall or a grocery store with criminals anticipating your next move.

Karr says criminals are going to find a way to take advantage of an opportunity. While you can't prevent all break-ins, there are ways to protect yourself.

Police say nine of 10 vehicles have visible items that could attract criminals.

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