Finding ways to decrease crime

    Decreasing Port Arthur crime

    Dozens of Port Arthur leaders at the Port Arthur Police Department; discussing ways to combat crime in the city.

    “My main reason for coming today is to make sure the community as a whole moves forward,” says Jana Barnes, manager at the Avery Trace apartment complex. “To make sure a certain element knows that we are not going to stand for the continuous crime on our properties.”

    Property managers from several apartment complexes, Port Arthur Police, Crime Stoppers, and the Port Arthur School District showed up to the meeting to engage in thought and ideas.

    “We've had some great successes on our homicide cases and those successes came through Crime Stoppers tips,” says Officer Mike Hebert of Port Arthur Police.

    The core of the meeting was to encourage leaders to promote Crime Stoppers.

    “Hopefully getting the word out and empowering our residents and our neighbors, even in our residential neighborhoods, gets the word out and everyone will know how to use the program,” said Barnes.

    The ultimate goal to stop violent crime in the city; but anyone can call Crime Stoppers for any tip. Port Arthur Police say no tip is too small.

    Port Arthur Police also say there was 14 homicides in the city in 2018, and many more violent crimes, so they’re hoping a meeting like this one could help drop those numbers.

    “We will do follow-ups with these apartment complexes, so hopefully the apartment complexes will rally their residents and then crime stoppers and police can come in and give them the same briefing that these individuals are getting; we will brief the residents themselves,” said Hebert.

    Working together to make Port Arthur a safer community.

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