Fire victimizes family on the verge of recovering from Harvey

Beaumont fire investigators are trying to determine what caused an overnight fire that lit up the sky in a north Beaumont neighborhood.

No one was hurt. That's because no one was home. The family is rebuilding the house that Harvey flooded.

That was the fate of just about everyone who lives on this cul-de-sac off Tram Road.

It was nearly a year ago that all of these houses were under more than eight feet of water. Overnight, it was fire that took down one of the homes-again.

"It was a horrifying vision to wake up to."

This is what Jenilee Samuel and her husband Stephen woke up to at around 1:30 Monday morning

"i just heard pounding on the door so I flew out of the bed, ran to the front door, and they're like 'there's fire, get out of the house,'" said Samuel.

A raging fire next door.

"All I saw through our fuzzy bathroom window was the orange blaze, and I was like 'oh my gosh, the house, oh my gosh.'"

Jenilee and Stephen gathered up their children and ran outside. Stephen videotaped the fire that engulfed their neighbor's home.

"Quite an incredible way to celebrate the one year anniversary of Hurricane Harvey, just to see what's happened, it was pretty intense," said Stephen.

It's because of Harvey the homeowner Nya Graves and her three children were not in the house when it burned.

In fact, the family has not spent a single night here.

Harvey hit right when it was first built and it was currently under reconstruction.

"The hurricane and then the fire," said Jenilee. "Just heartbreaking and so, but this neighborhood has been one, we just kind of pull together and encourage and support each other, so we plan to support her as best we can."

The Samuels are thankful their neighbors were not home, but also grateful two Good Samaritans made sure everyone in the cul-de-sac was safe.

"They say they were just driving by," said Stephen. "It was a young man and an older woman. They just say they saw the fire from a distance, knocked on our door, and then after everyone was alerted they just left. So wherever they are, thank you so much for waking us all up. It was definitely a Godsend."

The homeowner, Nya Graves, did not want to talk on camera. She wants to reserve comment while the fire investigation is pending.

There's no timeline on how long that investigation will last.

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