Golf Carts an issue for some in Port Neches, but a convenience for others

golf cart.PNG

Port Neches Police is issuing a reminder to citizens about its golf cart ordinances, citing multiple complaints from citizens about kids and adults using golf carts. "You can't ride passengers in your lap, you can't stand up while they're in motion," says PNPD Chief Paul Lemoine. "Some of the more dangerous things we've seen were people holding children or infants in their laps."Golf carts were allowed in the city in 2011, but with restrictions.

For a full list of ordinances, you can see the Port Neches' facebook post here.

Fredrick Boyd uses his golf cart almost everyday, says he's seen kids 'horsing around' on them, but says that's declined recently.

"You see more, you can experience more," says Boyd. "I see people wave that I never knew and they wave back, and its opened up doors of communication with other people in the area.

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