Gov. Abbott says 'tremendous progress is being made' in Southeast Texas

Gov. Abbott says 'tremendous progress is being made' at SE Texas meeting

Governor Greg Abbott met with city officials at Port Arthur's city hall Wednesday morning to discuss ongoing recovery efforts in Jefferson County.

This was Abbott's final day of a three-day tour around southeast Texas. He says that funding from the government could lead to help for residents.

"After hurricane Katrina and Sandy, there were multiple appropriations by Congress. The first appropriation was a couple of weeks ago, where 15 billion [dollars] was appropriated. The President requested 19 billion on top of that and the Texas delegation requested 20 billion in funding. Both of those together would provide additional funding for the state," says Abbott.

Port Arthur Mayor Derrick Freeman was at the meeting, and said the work Port Arthur officials are doing are resonating with state government.

"I think we made enoughnoise that we have the governors attention and a lot of elected officials on the state and federal level that are coming out to help us," says Freeman.

Governor Abbott was able to give the city of Port Arthur $10 million last week to help the city keep its contractors that are picking up debris. Freeman said the 10 million is about 40 percent of the total cost for the debris clean-up, and that the total amount of debris picked up in town is around 20 percent.

"We estimate we have 1.5 to 1.7 million cubic yards to pick up," said Freeman.

This was the first of five stops Abbott was making for the day.

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