Governor Abbott to announce grant for rifle resistant vests, local officers thrilled


Governor Abbott will announce funding to provide Texas police officers with rifle resistant vests Tuesday afternoon, which one Beaumont police officer says will be crucial to smaller police departments in Texas.

Officer Nick Thompson is a member of BPD's SWAT team, and says the tactical vests the SWAT team uses during active shooter and high pressure situations isn't the vest used by every day patrol officers. The rifle resistant vests have a 7 pound slab of metal in the front and back pouches and can weigh up to 10 pounds. Thompson says these are easy to put over an officers uniform, but the vests can be costly.

"The added protection that's allotted to them and knowing they have the capabilities of something that's going to defeat a rifle is more comforting," says Thompson.

The grant is in response to the 2016 Dallas shootings, when five Dallas police officers were shot and killed.

"The type of weaponry that we're running into these days, it's necessary," says Thompson. "The concealed vest that we have worn all these years will not stop what we're encountering now."

Gov. Abbott will announce the grant Tuesday afternoon at 12:45 pm.

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