Hardin County gives storm debris update

Hardin County gives storm debris update


Judge Wayne McDaniel:

Although the deadline for placing storm debris in the Right-of-Way was October 29th, residents are continuing to place debris in the ROW. Therefore, at the request of our debris management contractor, we are allowing a 2 week suspension of debris removal in order to permit survivors to continue placing storm-related debris in the ROW through November 26th. The final pass for removal of storm debris from the ROWs will occur the week of November 27th.

Please follow the FEMA guidelines previously posted on the Hardin County Emergency Management Facebook page and the County website - Hazardous materials WILL NOT be collected, including: TVs and other electronics, tires, paint, chemicals, propane tanks, etc. If you have insurance, it will pay for disposal of your debris - please do not place it in the ROW for collection. Entire homes that are demolished cannot be placed in the ROW for removal without prior FEMA approval.

If you need assistance with pushing storm-related debris from your yard out to the ROW, please send an email to: debris@co.hardin.tx.us (include your address, City in the subject line). We need this information as soon as possible for submittal to Team Rubicon for assistance as they will complete this mission soon.

Please DO NOT place any storm-related debris in the ROW after Nov. 26th.

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