Homicide investigation at Vidor car wash

Vidor Police are investigating a homicide after Jason McLain, 47, was shot and killed at a car wash. Sherry Roberts, a witness, lives behind the car wash and heard several shots.

"911 dispatch received a call at 10:32. The caller stated he had shot an individual," said Capt. Rodney Johnson.

Johnson says the caller and the shooter are the same person.

Johnson says a man next to the car wash heard a couple arguing. Police say he approached and the victim charged at him. He then fired and McLain died at the scene. Police aren't releasing the name of the man who fired the shots.

"It was freaky. I mean, there was nothing but lights everywhere you look, and then I knew he wasn't going nowhere. He was lifeless," said Sherry Roberts.

Roberts lives behind the car wash. She believes her neighbor acted in self-defense.

"He wouldn't hurt anybody with bad intentions," Roberts said.

Police haven't made an arrest. The investigation is ongoing.

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