How shopping local benefits you

    The convenience of shopping online is no secret, but the benefits of shopping local instead are worth the drive.

    Amid competition from online giants such as Amazon and chain-store operations, locally owned shops in Port Neches are seeing a rise in sales this holiday season. Thankfully, this doesn't just benefit the business, but you, as well.

    The perks of shopping local run deep. To name a few...

    Your money stays in the local economy. When making purchases local, more money stays here; when making purchases at a national chain, less money sticks around.

    More businesses means more jobs that don't require a commute.

    When making purchases at locally owned businesses versus nationally owned, more money is kept in the community because businesses often time buy from local vendors, service providers, and farms.

    Shopping local ensures your sales tax dollars stay in the community...right where they belong.

    Your community becomes a destination, attracting visitors and guests.

    You're investing in entrepreneurship. It's what the American economy is founded upon!

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