HUD bans smoking from public housing; Beaumont ban already in place

HUD bans smoking from public houses; Beaumont ban already in place, some residents unhappy

Public housing units across the country will be smoke-less effective July 31st, but the national ban won't have much of an effect on Beaumont.

The ban has already been in place for months.

"Most residents understand the need for it," says Robert Reyna, Executive Director of Beaumont Housing Authority. "We tried to designate outdoor smoking areas that are 25 feet or further away or we have benches and gazebos out there, they understand the need to do it."

One resident says the ban is unfair, and wishes it would change.

"It's pouring and I'm looking silly when it's lightning and raining with the umbrella trying to smoke a cigarette on the street."

KFDM/Fox 4's Chris Mullooly has the full report.

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