Huntsman Corporation gives gift cards to Southeast Texans impacted by Harvey

Huntsman giving out gift cards to Groves residents.

The Huntsman Corporation in the Golden Triangle is sandwiched right between Port Neches and Groves.

So when the group decided to use money raised for their flood funds to help those in need, Groves seemed like the natural place to start.

"You know, you look where our facility is, the front door is in Port Neches, the back door is in Groves," said Chad Anderson, Port Neches Site Manager. "And so we thought, we went back to the company, we went back to the flood fund and requested, we really wanted to do something for our neighbors on our front and back doorsteps."

A group from Huntsman met with Groves officials to determine the areas hit hardest.

Dave Street was one of those areas, with nearly every single house seeing some affects of the storm.

Wednesday afternoon, Huntsman walked down the street, giving $300 dollar Walmart gift cards to homes selected as having a need.

"Everything will work itself out and there are still good people in the world," said Carl Burge. He had 6-14 inches of water in some parts of his home and was thankful to receive a gift card.

Now, Huntsman will work with officials in Port Neches, Port Arthur and Orange to find other families in need as well.

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