Investigation: Mail found discarded in Liberty County wooded area


    The Liberty County Sheriff's Office is investigating the circumstances surrounding a large stack of mail found discarded in a wooded area off CR 4701 in south Liberty County, according to Capt. Ken DeFoor.

    On Wednesday morning at about 8:30, Liberty County Sheriff’s lead Investigator Deputy Chance Maddox reported local residents found what was described by Maddox as a “very large stack of mail” in a wooded area just off CR 4701 in south Liberty County. The majority of the mail was postmarked as far back as August 22 up to as recently as September 3. Much of it was rain soaked and destroyed by the recent heavy rains. Some of the water-soaked mail had broken open, exposing Social Security card information, utility bills and other personal information that was addressed to residents in the south Liberty County area.

    According to Maddox, it appears the mail was mostly incoming mail to local residents rather than outgoing mail. Dep. Maddox is working closely with the Dayton Postmaster and Postal Inspector to determine how and who discarded the mail in the woods. It does not appear to have been stolen from any mail truck or large outside mail box as no reports of such thefts have been made. The investigation is continuing as the post office investigators are looking into former employees and any others who may have had access to such U.S. mail delivery.

    In the meantime, according to Dep. Maddox, postal authorities are going to send out notification to the area residents of concern advising them of the discarded mail and the possibility their mail may have been found damaged or destroyed.

    The Sheriff’s Office is advising anyone who lives it the area of CR 4701 and who may have been expecting important personal papers, documents, household bills or other critical papers, but have not received those items, to contact their respective companies or agencies to see if those items have been mailed or, perhaps, now lost or destroyed in this stack of discarded mail.

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