Woman involved in alleged kidnapping turns herself in after seeing mugshot on social media

    Lanyale Briggs

    UPDATE** On March 13, 2019

    Accused kidnapping suspect Lanyale Briana Briggs now in custody, according to the FBI. The FBI says Lanyale Briggs, 29, turned herself in after seeing her mugshot posted on social media.

    Darrell Oliver Lewis, 25, had already been arrested in connection with the kidnapping.

    According to court documents, investigators say the pair drove to a home on Avenue B in Beaumont at about 4 p.m. March 5, got out and began talking with a woman. Investigators say they began assaulting the woman using their hands and feet and forced her into their car. They drove to Lake Charles.

    The victim told investigators she tried to escape but was assaulted by the woman. When she asked the man why they were taking her to Lake Charles, the victim said the man told her, "You know why. We were going to his money back." The victim said the man told her "if I ran he was going to shoot me in the head."

    Investigators say they tracked the man to a motel in Lake Charles at about 11 p.m. March 5.

    Previous report - Houston FBI and the Beaumont Police Department say a woman accused of violently kidnapping another woman may be hiding out in the Beaumont area,

    They're looking for Lanyale Briggs, 29. Investigators say she is responsible for kidnapping a woman they believe is somewhere between Beaumont and Lake Charles.

    On March 5, at about 4 p.m., a woman was outside her apartment in Jefferson County. Investigators say Briggs and a man drove up, beat the victim severely and forced her into their car. FBI and police say the suspects beat the victim again and drove her to Lake Charles.

    Investigators say they traced the man's cell phone to a motel in Lake Charles where he was arrested.

    The victim was able to escape and she is back home.

    Investigators believe Briggs has strong connections to Beaumont and Lake Charles and could be in either city.

    If you have any details about Briggs, please contact the FBI Houston at 713-693-5000

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