Pastor now serving 9-years for stealing millions from Hurricane Rita and Ike Victims

Walter Diggles is not in custody and will be servings a 9 year sentence, according to the Federal Bureau of Prisons website.

Walter Diggles, 66, is imprisoned in Beaumont while his wife, Rosie, 64, and their daughter, Anita, 42, remain in a federal prison unit in Fort Worth for their 4.5 year sentences.

The three family member were all convicted of stealing over a million dollars of state and federal funds intended to go to the victims of hurricanes Rita and Ike.

Walter Diggles was originally ordered to report to prison on the same date with his wife and daughter, but him to remain free for an extra month to make doctor appointments.

Walter Diggles was the Executive Director of the Deep East Texas Council of Government as well as Pastor of Lighthouse Church of God in Christ and also headed up The Deep East Texas Foundation inside the church. Rosie and Anita Diggles had leadership positions within both the church and the foundation.

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