Jeffco DA: file reports on dishonest contractors now

    Shannon McCurley paid a contractor about $60,000 to work on her home after Harvey. <br><p>She says he only completed about $20,000 of work and won't return the rest of her money. {/p}<p><br>{/p}<p>{/p}<p>{/p}

    The Jefferson County District Attorney is urging those who have been scammed by contractors in connection to tropical storm Harvey to report the problems to local law enforcement.

    Bob Wortham says only one contractor has been indicted in connection to Harvey so far in Jefferson County.

    "If they don't report them, we can't do anything about it," says Wortham. "We have to have a victim and we have to have a target defendant. If we don't have those two elements we can do anything. Our hands are tied."

    Wortham says victims must contact local enforcement, which can then turn the information over to the district attorney's office.

    From there, the office can check the facts to see if there is a case.

    "If you want this guy to continue to scam other people, then don't report it," Wortham says. "Because I guarantee you if they can come down to Jefferson County and get by with it, they’ll go to every event where a catastrophe has occurred and they’re gonna go do the same thing. They’re gonna scam people in those communities."

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