JeffSO: Home burglary suspect had body armor, handgun

The Jefferson County Sheriff's Office says it's very concerned suspects in a home burglary had body armor and handguns.

A homeowner called the Jefferson County Sheriff's Office at about 11:40 p..m.. Friday to report several people were burglarizing his shop in the 9700 block of Tram. While deputies were enroute, the homeowner reported the burglars had gotten into their truck and were backing off of the property. Deputies stopped them as they were leaving and discovered four men and one male juvenile inside the truck. While checking the vehicle, the homeowners stolen chainsaw and weed eater were located in the bed of the truck. Two loaded handguns were discovered in the console of the truck.

The driver, a 30-year-old registered sex offender, Jefferson Cantrell of Beaumont, was charged with Burglary of a Building and Possession of a Firearm by a Felon. The front seat passenger, 38-year-old Lamond Hines of Beaumont, was found to be wearing body armor. Hines was charged with Burglary of a Building, Possession of a Firearm by a Felon and Unlawful Possession of Body Armor. Backseat passenger, 20-year-old Tyler Lyles of Beaumont, was charged with Burglary of a Building. Backseat passenger, 17-year-old Delton Marpoe of Beaumont, was charged with Burglary of a Building. The juvenile was released to a parent to face Burglary charges in the juvenile courts.

"It is of great concern that they were armed with handguns and had body armor," said Sheriff's Office Captain Crystal Holmes. "The alert homeowner and the quick actions of the JCSO Deputies may have prevented these criminals from further victimizing our community."

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