'Jugging' cases increasing in Beaumont


An increase in 'jugging' cases in Beaumont over the last couple of months is a trend spreading across Southeast Texas.

"Jugging" is when a suspect watches potential victims leave a bank after making a withdrawal, they follow the victim to their next location, waiting for the victim to leave their vehicle. When they do, the suspect breaks into the vehicle to steal their money.

"It's something the Houston area is dealing with in a big way and we feel like it's kind of bleeding over into our area, which we don't want," says Officer Haley Morrow of Beaumont Police Department.

Two of these cases have been targeted at the Wells Fargo on the corner of N Major Dr. and Gladys Ave.

Morrow says to be mindful of your surroundings, securing your withdrawal before leaving the bank and not leaving cash inside your vehicle if you are going to another location.

Something Beaumont native Ed Walker says he does whenever he withdraws any money.

"I get in my vehicle and lock my doors as soon as possible," says Walker.

BPD's Auto Theft Task Force is in charge of investigations on these cases.

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