KFDM's Angel San Juan investigates: Officer reinstated after 'dangerous, erratic driving'

A KFDM/Fox 4 investigation is uncovering disturbing details about what investigators call a Beaumont police officer's 'dangerous joyride' in his patrol car across three counties.

Chief Jim Singletary fired Officer Troy Dyson last month for what Singletary calls 'deadly conduct that's against State law.'

City Manager Kyle Hayes reinstated Dyson less than one month later and he's back on the force.

KFDM/Fox 4's Angel San Juan broke this story last month and today he has new information .

Through a public information request we obtained documents detailing the internal investigation into Dyson's actions on the morning of January 13.

Among the violations he committed while driving his city-owned patrol car: four collisions; running stop signs nine times; red lights eight times; and 44 instances of failing to maintain a single lane. There's also video evidence he may have tried to cover it up,

The foot of the Orange County side of the Purple Heart Memorial Bridge did not stop Beaumont Police Sergeant Troy Dyson from ignoring a number of barricades and driving onto the new portion of the bridge still under construction.

According to documents we obtained from an internal investigation, Beaumont Police Chief Jim Singletary says Dyson came close to driving over the unfinished edge of the bridge while Dyson was driving his patrol unit.

In Chief Singletary's memo he writes there is no known police-related reason for Dyson to have been in that location.

We learned from a public information request that a lot of Dyson's actions the morning of January 13 are both puzzling and dangerous.

An internal investigation reveals Dyson, who lives in Lumberton, picked up his patrol car at the Texas Department of Transportation where Beaumont officers who live in Hardin County keep their units. He did so three hours before he was supposed to be at work.

According to records from his supervisor, he never showed up at his shift meeting. Instead, he drove home to Lumberton, changed into his uniform and then continued on a drive throughout Beaumont, described as erratic, committing numerous and obvious traffic violations. At times, he was driving more than 100 miles an hour.

He ran red lights and stop signs. The internal investigation showed three damaged spots on his vehicle. According to reports from police, Dyson struck another police car parked at the station and ran into the wall of his garage at home.

There's dashcam video but City Hall is fighting our request to obtain it and appealing our request to the Texas Attorney General.

The internal investigation includes sworn statements from about half a dozen of Dyson's colleagues, officers and dispatchers, who thought Dyson was under the influence of something because of his strange behavior-even calling a fellow sergeant 'numb nuts.'

Several described his speech as slurred.

Dyson's lawyer says his client has ADHD and takes Adderall for it. He claims Dyson ran out of his prescription and could not fill it for several days. He says Dyson was suffering from Adderall withdrawal and maintains he was not drunk, but there's evidence Dyson tried to cover up what happened. Video from the HEB on College shows him buying Mr. Clean Magic Erasure and then using it to remove paint that rubbed off from the police car.

In a written response, Dyson said no one reported smelling alcohol on him and said "every sworn officer I encountered, all admitting being aware of my impaired state, allowed me to get back into my police patrol vehicle and drive away, endangering me and the citizens of Beaumont. I alone snapped to my condition and took it upon myself to leave for the day."

In a memo to Dyson, Chief Singletary wrote "even if the Sergeant did not remember his misconduct, he was still responsible for his actions."

Once again, even though the Police Chief fired Dyson, City Manager Kyle Hayes re-hired him. Hayes declined our request for comment. Sources within City Hall tell us Dyson is on special assignment for the City Manager.

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