Kountze PD: Burglars steal, sell elementary student laptops

Kountze PD: Burglars steal, sell elementary student laptops

Kountze police say if you see black Chromebooks for sale for about $50 in the Hardin County area, give them a call.

Officers tell us three men broke into Kountze Elementary and stole thousands in electronics before trying to sell them on the street.

"Number one, I have to admit that I feel sorry for the person who did it, because you're pretty desperate to steal from children," says Dr. Shane Reyenga, the principal of Kountze Elementary.

If you have any information, contact the Kountze Police Department at 246-2119.

Reyenga says a teacher was the first one to notice that something wasn't right.

"I received an email from a teacher during the Christmas holidays and it stated that the toys in her room had been played with and left out and that she was missing a charger," says Reyenga.

When officers investigated, they found much more than a charger was missing.

According to Kountze Police Chief Brent Slaughter, nearly $9,000 worth of laptops, chargers, speakers, and accessories were stolen.

"They were selling that laptops for $50 a piece," says Slaughter.

Those electronics have tracking devices.

"When these devices do turn on or connect to the internet it sends us a message... the location of where it's at through a Google Map," says John Ferguson, the superintendent of Kountze ISD.

Justin Scot Pufpaff, 22, and Timothy Ray McClelland, 36, were arrested in connection with the felonies.

Officers are still looking for 29-year-old J.J. Kinsey, who they have identified as a suspect.

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