Lamar athletic director ready to put softball controversy in the past

LU Athletic Director Marco Born received applause at the Rotary Club luncheon Wednesday afternoon.

However, some softball team supporters around SE Texas aren't applauding Born or the University, following the firing of women's softball coach Holly Bruder.

A former player alleged mistreatment by Bruder and an assistant. The school stands by its decision and Born says it's time to move ahead.

"I'm excited for things to move forward and be part of this Beaumont and Golden Triangle community," Born said.

Born has hired a new head softball coach, Amy Hooks, to replace Bruder. He's confident the team is in good hands.

"Softball is a big deal in this part of the country so I'm excited for that, and the team is rallying around her and a lot of positives going on," Born said.

Born says the softball controversy is a non issue and claims it hasn't impacted the athletic program.

His focus is not only athletics but academics.

He says Lamar athletics is a family and he doesn't believe the controversy will impact future recruits.

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