Local 3-year-old calls 911 to save "Momma"

On Wednesday at approximately 2:20pm a very dramatic situation began to unfold when Liberty County Sheriff’s Dispatcher Lela Holley received a 911 call from what was later found to be a little three year old girl who had, obviously, been taught by her parents on what to do in an emergency. Although Holley calmly and patiently tried to extract the necessary information from the upset and excited child as to the emergency or a location the little girl only kept repeating “momma”… “momma”. Hearing children crying in the background and with her fellow dispatchers hurriedly “pinging” the cell phone the child was using, it came back to an approximate location of CR 386 in the Cleveland area.

This very limited information was immediately broadcast to Cpl. Darrell Werner along with Deputies James Ott, Ben Garcia, Ivan Gonzalez, Lucero Castro and Thomas Coldwell who begin to conduct a house to house check of the homes in that area to try and determine where the emergency call was coming from as no specific address could be obtained from the little girl. While deputies activated their sirens, Holly kept asking the child if she could hear the sirens but the child never said she could.

After about a 30 minute search, Cpl. Werner saw a small boy standing in front of a window playing in a sink full of water. Going to the door and knocking finally brought the little three year old girl to the door. Cpl. Werner asked if her mother was at home and that is when the child pointed to her mother who was lying on the floor, unconscious but still breathing. Medical assistance was called to the scene where it was found the children’s mother had failed to take proper medication for a physical issue and had passed out and was completely unresponsive.

The other two children in the home were a two year old little boy who was the one playing in the water and a five month old boy who was found strapped into a car seat on the floor. All were potential safety hazards for the children with no adult supervision during this emergency. Had it not have been for the persistent efforts of the Sheriff’s Dispatchers and deputies and even more importantly if it had not have been for the heroic act of this little three year old girl in knowing how to call 911 the situation could have had a more tragic outcome.

Cpl. Werner said that it was amazing to him how well the parents had taught their child to call 911 if anything should ever happen “bad” at their home. Werner said this is something that all parents should teach their young children so help can be called when needed. In this particular case, the mother was medicated and taken to a hospital for observation and the children turned over to their grandmother for safe keeping. (END)

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