Local elementary school principal and Chick-Fil-A manager swap places


    Kimberla Payton, is a Chick-Fil-A employee in Beaumont.

    Sue Little is Principal at Bingman Elementary School, but why are these two swapping places?

    "We're partners with the BISD and we're doing a swap role today," Payton said.

    The Great Swap Program allows the Chick-Fil-A Manager to get a feel of what it's like to be Principal for half a day.

    And allows the Elementary School Principal to step out of the office, and into the restaurant.

    "I know this is the first time that I've participated in it and I see a great future for doing it, it's very eye opening for both sides," Sue Little said.

    The program is designed to demonstrate the strengths and challenges inside the Beaumont Independent School District.

    These two had a little more fun than they expected.

    "It was amazing I wasn't expecting something like this, but this was amazing I would love to do it again," Payton said.

    "I'm out of the office I'm getting to see people I'm getting to be out with other people," Little said.

    And finding out that both jobs are somewhat similar.

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