Local neighborhood watch groups protecting community

    Local neighborhood watch groups protecting community

    SE Texas neighborhoods have more than one set of eyes watching over the streets.

    These days social media allows residents to take an active role in policing their neighborhoods.

    "Hey did you hear about this happening, or so and so did this over here," James Eller said.

    Eller is a part of Beaumont's Neighborhood Crime watch group on Facebook. A group that hosts more than 6,000 members who all joined for the same cause.

    "If we want change we got to be the change we can't count on anybody else we have to be the active individuals in the neighborhood to do better," Eller said.

    Eller says the group keeps a close eye on some of the smaller crimes within the city limits.

    And keeps everyone on their toes.

    "If we want it then we got to do it we can't sit back and continue to let people run over us all the time we got to be a hand in the community ourselves."

    "With technology social media is the go to right now," Haley Morrow said, Beaumont Police Department.

    Morrow of the Beaumont police department says neighborhood groups have been beneficial to law enforcement, and brings a community together.

    "That's what we're seeing is people helping us prevent crime because people are getting to know their neighbors so they're getting invested in that and want to look out for each other," Morrow said.

    Looking out for one another, one post at a time.

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