Local non-profit supports ADA

Local non-profit supports ADA

A local non-profit company has taken the extra steps in fulfilling what former President George H. W. Bush had in mind when he signed the Americans With Disabilities Act in 1990.

Beaumont Products and Services has provided employment to those with disabilities for over 30 years. It's mission is to train individuals to transition into other jobs.

But often time, employees-- known as "clients"-- choose to stick around instead. Client Quinton Cola has been working with the non-profit for 11 years.

Beaumont Products and Services, gives its clients the chance to work, and work hardjust like anyone else.

Jobs consist of landscaping, hedge work, and picking up trash around the city. The business that once struggled now finds itself competing with local companies Contracts with the city and other organizations allowing clients to maintain city properties.

Executive Director of Beaumont Products and Services say his clients put their hearts into what they do, and that their work is favored by the city for it's quality.

With quality work comes quality friendship here at Beaumont Products and Servicesthat sees no disability.

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