LU President releases statement regarding dismissal of softball coaches

Lamar University has released its first statement, regarding the status of two coaches with the women's softball program.

Head Coach Holly Bruder was fired on May 11, after refusing to resign. Associate Head Coach Allison Honkofsky was given the same option, and although she also refused to resign, the university agreed to keep Honkofsky on the payroll through August.

Bruder was dismissed after complaints from former player Paige Holmes, who says the coach refused her request to order a sandwich without meat during Lent.

Here’s the entire statement from Lamar President Dr. Kenneth Evans:

“Some local media outlets have speculated about the recent terminations of the former women’s softball coaches. Lamar University officials have declined to address this speculation because we do not comment on personnel matters. This longstanding policy safeguards the privacy of our employees, former employees and students.

“Our top priority as a university is to ensure the wellbeing of our students, staff and faculty. The coaches, through their attorney, have claimed they have no knowledge of what contributed to their dismissal. This is contrary to the testimony uncovered in the university’s investigation. The terminations of the softball coaches were appropriate and legal, and we are fully prepared to defend these actions in trial court and, if necessary, the appellate courts.”

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