LU students describe pounding, shaking, fear during storm

Lamar University staff is cleaning up the damage from a storm packing straight line winds of up to 110 mph that tore apart the roof of the LU Police Department, forcing the department to move to another building on campus.

The early Saturday morning storm also overturned vehicles on campus.

It wasn't a tornado, but the damage was extensive, with winds causing the LUPD roof to cave in.

"The windows were like pounding and shaking, and so when I was trying to sleep, I was a little worried about it because at first, I was like 'is somebody breaking in?'"

"I mean, what are we supposed to think when we don't usually even get tornaodes," said Meghan Cooper, an LU student. "I think most Southeast Texans would agree with me."

The department has moved its operations from the center of campus to old HR building on the south side.

Senior Levi Brown read about the news through an email from the school.

"I didn't think there was actually damage to buildings or anything, so this was kind of surprising," said Brown. "I didn't expect to see this."

"it's kind of tough because, well, we like the police department," said Keierah Norman. "They help us a lot, and so I just hope they know everything is okay and they just stay safe, because it's really scary."

"It's scary because coming from Houston, it's not really like that because it's just like flooding from Harvey, but like that," said Trevion Conway. "Naw, it's kind of creepy."

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