Lumberton HS student arrested after hit list found at alternative building


Lumberton Police Chief Danny Sullins tells KFDM News/Fox 4 his officers arrested a 15-year-old student for making a terroristic threat after educators found a hit list in his binder at the Lumberton High School alternative education building on the campus.

The student wasn't at school Tuesday and Chief Sullins says staff wanted to know why. Someone checked his binder to see how he was doing with his lessons and saw the list, according to Chief Sullins.

He says it contained the names of eight people, including students and faculty, and words indicating they'd be killed.

Sullins says the district notified everyone on the list and made sure they were safe.

Police took the note into evidence and went to the 10th grader's home at about 4 p.m.

Sullins tells us officers took the teen into custody. According to the chief, he provided a written statement admitting that he wrote the list, saying he wrote it a while back.

The chief says they took the teen to the Hardin County Juvenile Detention Center where he'll face a charge of making a terroristic threat.

The chief says officers have dealt with the teen in the past.

Chief Sullins says he and his office have "zero tolerance" for such actions, regardless of whether a student intends harm.

Lumberton ISD Press Release

The school was alerted around 3:00 pm to a hit list found at the Lumberton High School alternative education building today. The campus administration acted quickly and decisively to address the situation. Upon investigation and through quick action of the school and Lumberton Police Department, no student was in danger at any time and were able to ensure the continued safety of our students. The student has been arrested. In today's time, we must act upon any risk upon the students in our care. All parties, including a former employee listed have been contacted and the evidence has been turned over to Lumberton Police Department. Any discipline will be handled according to the Student Code of Conduct.

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