Lumberton man arrested for DWI while dropping kids off at school

Lumberton man gets DWI while dropping kids off at school

A Lumberton man was arrested Tuesday morning after his second DWI charge in eight months, both charges occurring as he was driving his kids to school.

44-year-old Eric Kroemeke was arrested with his daughter in the passenger seat on Candlestick Drive, after a woman called Lumberton PD saying a car was swerving in and out, hitting curbs, and nearly sideswiping cars.

"Everybody knows 6:30 in the morning is rush hour," says Danny Sullins, Lumberton Police Chief. "To have someone driving like he was driving is pretty scary. I'm glad the officers got him stopped and off the roadway."

Kroemeke's charges from his first DWI back in March are still pending in Hardin County Court.

KFDM/Fox 4's Chris Mullooly has the full report.

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