Man to undergo evaluation after barricading himself in car with a gun


Police got a call Tuesday morning that a man in Port Neches park near the boat ramp had barracaded himself in his car, threatening to kill himself.

Port Neches police were the first to respond to the scene. When they saw the man had a gun, they called the Jefferson County Sheriff's Office.

The Sheriff's office called in their SWAT team and crisis negotiators, who were able to talk the man into surrendering himself.

"He cleared his weapon and threw it on the ground, then through further instructions after SWAT received the gun he was told to get out and lay on the ground with his hands behind his head," said Captain Crystal Holmes.

"He followed commands and we took him into custody...where we determined he was no longer a danger to himself."

He was not charged with a crime, and was transported to a local mental health clinic.

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