Man who claims Beaumont Police used excessive force files $7 million civil rights lawsuit


    Attorneys for the man who was tazed in front of Walmart have filed a $7 million federal lawsuit against the retail giant, the City of Beaumont and several police officers.

    The suit claims Beaumont police officers used excessive force on Demarcus Brown in front of the Walmart on Dowlen back in 2016. It also says he shouldn't have been in custody in the first place. Brown was suspected of shoplifting.

    The documents say he surrendered to police but officers tazed him and beat him repeatedly with flashlights.

    Brown suffered a fractured eye socket and required stitches to his head.

    The City of Beaumont filed an answer to the complaint in federal court denying all of the allegations. An attorney for the city said the officers have 'official immunity' because they acted appropriately.

    A criminal trial originally resulted in a mistrial, then Brown plead guilty to felony theft and resisting arrest because he didn't want to go back to court.

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