Missing federal prison inmate concerns nearby homeowners


    Saturday, four federal inmates escaped from the custody of a satellite prison camp, a minimum security facility on the Beaumont Federal Correctional Complex in Jefferson County.

    All inmates were caught and put back behind bars, except one, Covarrubia-Mendiola. He's serving time for trafficking cocaine and bringing in illegal aliens.

    "You never know which way they want to take off going, but eventually I hope he gets caught," said Janice Artmore, a homeowner.

    Artmore lives near the prison and says the recent escape worries her and her family.

    "It is pretty scary you know. Nowadays you just never know about people and what they think, or their reaction, and they'll try to get to the first place they can and break in," said Artmore.

    "We saw a bunch of police patrolling and looking, so that made us feel a little bit better, but it's still pretty scary when it happens," said Brittney Guidry, another homeowner.

    This isn't the first time it's happened.

    in 2018, an inmate was caught sneaking from the facility to a nearby field, and exchanging contraband like alcohol and food, and taking it back into prison.

    Now another escapee worries homeowners who are just a field away.

    "It's really scary you know. Luckily we have protection in the house in case something happens God forbid, but it's really scary," said Guidry.

    "Guards have to be more alert and they have to just really watch them, and I know it's a lot of guys in prison with these inmates. They just have to be more cautious," said Artmore.

    Being cautious and watchful and not to scared to be pushed away.

    "This is home. Yeah, we're not going anywhere. We made it through a few storms and stuff and that still hasn't scared us away, so this is home," said Guidry.

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